Visual Presentation

Pitch Decks, Capabilities, Corporate/Strategy Software/methods: Google Slides, Apple Keynote, Microsoft PowerPoint

This section is dedicated to showcasing my expertise in creating high-quality design materials for business purposes. Specifically, I specialize in designing pitch decks, capabilities presentations, and corporate/strategy documents. 

To create these materials, I use a variety of software and methods, including Google Slides, Apple Keynote, and Microsoft PowerPoint + Excel.  My production emphasis is on creating materials that are informative and text-heavy, while also maintaining brand consistency throughout. 

Whether you're looking to create a compelling pitch deck or a detailed corporate strategy document, I'm here to help you bring your vision to life.
Mobile App Investment Pitch Deck,
It was a great pleasure to work directly with the CEO of SoLo Funds to create an investment pitch deck, which incorporates the company's vision, culture, and brand style.

The core challenge was working with a bare-bones pre-existing brand style, which I was able to further-develop, allowing for further execution of the task.  Also provided, was a notebook packed full of data, goals, and a director who knew exactly what was needed in the final execution, in terms of design.

Working with administrators, stakeholders, and various team members, I was able to complete the final version of the pitch deck, which helped land SoLo Funds a $5MM valuation. 
Investment Pitch Deck,
LifePortalPro (+ SkillR)
LifePortalPro is a startup company focused on building life linguistics through gamification.  The initial design request was to work with the pre-existing brand style, and provided data to create a presentation deck for early investment rounds:
A side-project ("SkillR") was later conceptualized, leading the client to request additional presentation materials to support the idea through rendering as an editorial.
Conceptual Brand & Product Apparel Showcase,
Cardinal Shoe Co. ("Cardinal Shoe Shack") was a small business / startup concept based in Louisville, KY with the intent of white-label packaging athletic wear and name brand shoe reselling to an urban/broad demographic.

The client requested a visual sample that captured the vision of the brand's launch, which included building a core brand identity, and promoting the brand's style and likeness across a various assortment of athletic and leisure sportswear. 
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