As a creative professional, I utilize design to build successful campaigns that elevate projects.

My design process
includes collaborating directly with clients and project managers to help create solutions that bring great creative visions to life.
My skill set includes
I also have experience in the fields of: Web and Digital Solutions, E-Commerce, Product & Apparel - Merchandise Design, Creative Writing and Copy, Social Media, Audio/Video and Live Event Production.
I am excited to share my portfolio with project and hiring managers, and to showcase the exciting work that I have done. ​​​​​​​
Why design?
I enjoy producing aesthetically-pleasing content that proves effective in meeting my clients' goals and visions. 
I work through a process, collaborating with my clients to understand their unique needs and challenges, and devise methods which often lead to solutions.
What makes me different?
My relationship with people.
The approach I bring into each project.
The variety of design styles I've learned to incorporate.
The rich diversity of the industries and demographics I've produced for.
My goal is to produce effective and aesthetically-pleasing design that aligns with your project needs.
In addition to my love for design,
I'm a proud enthusiast of 90's culture, Professional Wrestling, and the Cincinnati Bengals!
I believe that my passion for these interests fuels my creativity and inspires me to think outside the box.
I also value the relationships I hold with my closest friends and family, and find that they keep me grounded and motivated in all that I do.

Thanks! for taking the time to learn more about me and my process, I look forward to opportunities to collaborate more.
​​​​​​​Feel free to drop me a message anytime to discuss your project ideas!

Thank you!
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