SoLo Funds

Digital & Web/Mobile Interface Design (UX/UI), Brand Style, Design Marketing, Social Media Layout & Administration

Digital, Web, & Mobile (UX/UI)​​​​​​​​​​​​​
In addition to my work on the brand style and marketing materials, I also contributed to the user experience and interface design of the company's mobile app. 
This involved conducting user research to identify patterns and optimize the app's interface, as well as developing wireframes, sketch mockups, and exploring new design concepts. 
I also helped to design the company's website and collaborated with the development team to create a user-friendly platform. ​​​​​​​
Below are samples of the interface design (UI) of the mobile app, which included the user journey, onboarding process, key functionality, color scheme, iconography, and overall transitional flow of the application:
Brand Style
As a graphic designer for SoLo Funds, Inc., I was also responsible for developing the brand style guide for the company, which included elements such as colors, fonts, brand philosophy, culture and tone/messaging, brand values, target demographic, user interface design (UI), and iconography. 

Additionally, I used the brand style guide to create various design materials, including marketing ads, pitch decks, and third-party materials.
Design Marketing & Social Media​​​​​​
In addition to my work on the UX/UI and Brand Style, I was also tasked with working on the design marketing and social media efforts for SoLo Funds, Inc., utilizing the brand style guide to create a licensed image directory and social media content that aimed to promote the brand and grow a social media following. 

I created marketing ads that appeared in both digital and print formats, and were published on social media, the company's homepage, and other locations where the target demographic was likely to see them.
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