Left Field Brands

Logo & Brand Identity, UX/UI, Digital Interface, Website Design, E-Commerce

Left Field Brands (LLC) is a leading digital/tech and automation team, dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences for our clients within the startup and corporate worlds.
Since launching in 2019, Left Field has successfully elevated projects for our clients within the Medical / Pharmaceutical industry, Web Development & Automation, Mobile & Desktop / App Development, Entertainment & Live Events, and Social Media & E-Commerce.
As a collaborative, we've been very successful with sharing resources, building client relationships, and staying committed to our "innovation-first," philosophy, saving our clients time and money, while staying sharp with our ever-growing abundance of skill capabilities.
Key roles and responsibilities
▸  Assuming verifiable responsibility for ensuring design and design-related tasks and objectives are met within the team.
▸  Creating and developing a systematic brand style to reflect core capabilities, and build confidence in prospective client and project needs.
▸  Working alongside team members and contracted third-party clients and associates to create (or improve) branding elements, design styles, and core functionality within the project scope.
▸  Logo & Brand Style, Brand Identity, Brand Style Guide.
▸  User Experience and Interface Design (UX / UI).
▸  Web & Social Media layout design.
▸  Design Layout and Presentation: Pitch Deck design, Capabilities Deck design, visual mockups (speculative) and requested materials.
▸  Any/all digital and printed materials necessitated by design.
Project Management
▸  Working alongside our dedicated team to implement and direct continuity and project workflow that provides efficient use of time and resources.
▸  Ensure optimal communication among clients, stakeholders, and team members.
▸  Create and establish all assets for Pitch Proposals, Statement of Work (SOW), and Contract Agreements.
▸  Creating and implementing fluid and efficient team processes that allow for progress and goals to be reached.
▸  Using software to track all processes and milestones dictated by our Statement of Work, Pitch Proposals, and Contract Agreements
▸  Direct and manage third-party response
Notable Clients & Projects
Logo & Brand Style Development
Web Design & Social Media Layout
Stationery & Package Design
Brand Style Development
Web Design & Social Media Layout
Live Event Ticketing / Custom Domain, Merchant Setup & Administration
Stationery & Package Design
Graphic Design (Web/Digital & Print)
Web Design / Custom Domain Setup & Administration
Brand Style Development
Graphic Design & Design Marketing (Web/Digital)
Merchandise / Apparel & Package Design
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