Project Outline:  Create a logo and full identity for startup team with minimum funding, using specific colors (red, black, white), and "cardinal" mascot. 

Reference: University of Louisville Cardinals (collegiate athletics), and recording artist/fashion designer, Kanye West's "Yeezy" shoe brand as close example.
Process:  Research existing shoe brand and supplier companies and entities, collect design styles & demographic exploration.
Key Challenge: 
- Creating an original icon/identity that fits the core demographic, lends enough information about the product/model, while satisfying client's affinity for an already-licensed (and nationally-known) University athletic brand.  

- Client rejected the initial (above) concept, wanted more implication of an actual shoe for second concept.  This created a challenge, as the core build was focused on (UofL) Cardinal concept.
- Abandon all "cardinal" illustration styles to avoid any and all legality/confusion.
- Pivot to more-recognizable "Yeezy" shoe shape/illustration.
- Present concept models in full-color, + custom page layout design ("look-book") for client's awareness and full-scale effect with revised design concept.

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